About our school

A school where you will be noticed

Looking for a school where you will be noticed? A school where you can count on your peers’ support, where you will be respected for who you are? You have found it.

Our school depends on our students’ willingnesss to pursue their dreams. At Kvarnby, your experiences, your thirst of knowledge, your needs and, not to forget, your visions will put you in the driver’s seat.

Kvarnby Folk High School is not just one folk high school amongst others: We are the school of the political left. This means that we do have the ambition and the will to change the world. You do not have to share our convictions, but you ought to know that everybody is welcome here – just come as you are.


Three premises

You will find us at three premises in Malmö:

  • Kvarnbyenheten, is situated just outside of Rosengård. Here we offer our general and our motivating classes (Allmänna kurser/Studiemotiverande folkhögskolekurser). Take bus no. 52 from the station Stenkällan in order to come here.
  • Gullvik is close to a part of Malmö called Nydala. Here you find our Swedish classes and the school’s administration. The nearest bus stops are Almtorget (bus 32), Nydalatorget (bus 8) and Lönngården (bus 35).  
  • Serieskolan, the Comic Art School, is located at the cultural center Mazetti in Möllevången, where we are neighbors to other comic art facilities. 

Our school is, in addition, a center for online classes and we do run classes in other places than Malmö, e.g. currently in Cienfuegos/Cuba.

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